8 Bizarre Things Horny Women Don’t Want You To Know About Themselves

You’re sure to encounter some women during your sexual escapades that have experiences some of the things on this list. These are the hush-hush secrets that women keep about their sex lives, bodies and more.  Read on for the weirdest feelings, facts and fears she has about the deed.


Everyone Has A Kinky Side

While it may be something that you expect from one of the girls at a UK escort agency, you may be surprised when you find out that every woman, from your wife to your secretary to the babysitter, has an especially kinky side. Whether they’re into some BDSM, or want to role play with you in public, that side of them is still there. You may have to do some pushing and prodding to get her to tell you what it is she fantasizes about, but don’t give up and she may let you in on her dirty little secret.


Everyone Has Their Alone Time

Yes, if you thought that you were the only one with a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion in your bedroom nightstand, you were definitely wrong. Although, hers might not be a box of tissues a bottle of lotion – more like a bottle of lube and a vibrator. Every horny woman has her needs and if a guy’s not around to fulfill them, it may mean that it’s time to take care of business herself.


Tip-Top Shape

It’s not exactly easy to keep things perfectly pristine down there. Yes, escorts in London may have gotten their grooming down to an art form, but for your average girl, it can be a real pain – literally! From dealing with razor bumps or waxing, to painful infections from using the wrong kind of cleanser for your pH balance, it can be a difficult thing to maintain. That said, most women will be pretty embarrassed if you try to give her tips on how to keep things looking down there. If you’re wanting a certain look or a better effort, try to set an example by taking the first step. She’ll get the hint and do the same.


Something New

Trying something new in bed is a great idea, as every woman would agree, but it can be the tiniest bit awkward if you don’t know each other too well. Make sure that she knows from the start that she can relax and have fun, that you won’t judge. She’ll be glad for it and lighten up, making it easier on the both of you to try something new.


Tell Her

No, she doesn’t know just how you feel about her body. Women aren’t mind-readers (even though most men seem to think they are). They have every little doubt and fear when they’re getting naked in the sack that you’ll see all of their little imperfections. So she has a birthmark on her hip. So she hasn’t had time to get a pedicure in a while. So she has a ridiculous-looking ‘o’ face. Regardless of how you feel about the little things, let her know how you feel about all of her positive aspects and compliment her on them. It will only serve to make her that much more confident, meaning better and more fulfilling sex for the both of you.


Learn Your Biology

Most women find it appalling that many men don’t know their way around a female body. Get an anatomy book and figure it out. Don’t be one of those guys that assumes all of the weird misconceptions a guy could possibly have. No, women don’t pee out of their vaginas. No, that was not a fart that just came out of there.


Bring It

Remember when I said that women have their alone time just as much as men do? Well, they also like porn just as much as men do. Figure out what her preferences are and then have a movie marathon in the bedroom. She may surprise you with what she’s into.


Take Her Word For It

If she says to not bother about not calling back, she means it. Believe it or not, some girls want the same thing that you do – a one-night stand. So leave it at that and don’t bother with a call the next day. If there’s no need, there’s no need and no feelings will be hurt.



Booking Luxury Travel in France and Enjoy Every Moment of Your Vacation

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Fulfill Your Travel Aspirations and Dreams

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Special Secret Parties for VIP Events and Functions in Cannes

There are many secret parties that you can attend at the Cannes. There are also a lot of activities and places you can go to while you are there and to talk about these events is Sarah Miller from Elite City Escorts an luxury escort agency based in London


Cannes is known for its famous film festival, which is held in the south of France every year. The film festival has over the years transformed this region in the South of France into an area, where secret parties take place.

There are many secret events that take place in the South of France, that we can take you. Most of A-List celebrities want to go away to a place, where they can enjoy a little bit of privacy, away from the paparazzi’s back home. With us, at we can make this fantasy for you become a reality. We will give you choice of beautiful models to attend with you to VIP events and even provide you with an luxury concierge service on top with our many partners.

Luxurious Yacht and Casino

There are a number of activities that make Cannes even more fun. Such activities include VIP Yacht events. There are parties that are hosted on luxurious Yachts. Some Celebrities like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sharon stone have previously been spotted in these parties.

Some of the dazzling parties are hosted for a good cause. One such party is the gala that is held in honor of children’s art museum known as the Art of Elysium. This is one of the endless parties that are often held by A-list celebrities from Hollywood with dazzling lights that we can get you into.

You can sample some of the best casinos in the world with high class interior design. Plus you can get to spot and even mingle with celebrities, who frequent these places. The casinos cater for A-list celebrities, who have been frequenting this region in the last couple of years. With us as your travel agent, we will get you into these VIP events and parties.

French Cuisine

You will find, fine cuisine when you are at the Cannes. There are many top restaurants that have the best that France has to offer. If you love French food, then you can’t afford to fail to visit the region.

You can also get to enjoy the beaches. Most of the beaches are private. Many private parties are held on these beaches, which are meant for VIPs. You can get to enjoy the best of what these beach parties have to offer with us.

A Few Things You Need To Know About VIP Escorts in Casino Events

The laws regarding solicitation may differ from one region to another. Here we look at the implications to VIP escort Services.

Successful men and women seek VIP escorts ( for a number of reasons. Even though some people believe that they are people who cannot initiate a relationship, many of them are already in one. Some clients are looking for a certain kind of variety. Most of them do not have the time that relationships demand, so they want companions that would accompany them to events.

There are however a number of things that most people, who are not used to hiring these services, do not know about. Being prepared for some of these things will help ensure you do not fall for some of the things, which will ruin an otherwise memorable experience.

Laws Regarding Solicitation

One of the things you need to know is that laws differ from one state to the other, and countries across the world have varying laws. Even though some interpretation of some of these laws can conclude that escorts services are a form of prostitution, this is not always the case.

One of the best ways to avoid any legal issues when seeking concierge services is to use a professional agency. Professional agencies help their clients to find companions, therefore avoid direct contact with them. This creates some kind of a buffer, since it is the agency that pays the hot beauties. This averts any potential legal issues that would arise based on solicitation.

Review Websites

The other option would be to go directly to escorts. Some of them are listed on classified pages, plus there are websites that list the top escorts. Some of the websites have reviews. However, in this instance, you will have to negotiate directly and make all the arrangements. Unfortunately, where solicitation rules are strict, these laws do not protect you when you approach the escorts directly.

The one thing you need to note is the website reviews. The reviews can be a good way to determine if the companion is what you are looking for. They are rated on beauty, and even their personalities and behavior may be described by the reviewers.

The problem is that the reviewers may be propped by the escort, who is trying to get better ratings. Also, some of the websites are new. If the account was set up recently, it may not capture the reputation of that given person prior to setting up that account. Women who use these sites may also be manipulated by some clients, who threaten to give bad ratings, if they fail to comply with some of their demands.

Services for High Profile Personalities

High profile personalities would rather use the services of an agency. It provides insulation from any kind of legal issues that may arise. It is also a way of ensuring that the services provided are professional.

Using a VIP escort service from us you will get to choose from a wide range of very professional seductive escorts, who will be your companion to Casino events. Our agency will ensure ‘quality controls’. The companions will not only be beautiful with incredible figures, they also will be intelligent and witty enough to provide you with the kind of companionship that you are looking for in a VIP Casino event.